Prom Fashion Tips: 7 Tips For Looking Red Carpet-Ready On Prom Night (PHOTOS)

By Kristie Dash

With prom night involving a fancy dinner, perhaps a limousine ride, a crowd of camera-wielding paparazzi (aka your parents), and a gorgeous gown, we totally understand why so much thought goes into making sure everything is perfect on the big night. Ever wonder how your favorite young stars do it so effortlessly for every red carpet appearance? Turns out they have a huge team of people to help them get ready.

Tailor to Perfection

"Tailor tailor tailor! Every dress on the red carpet has been tailored to perfection. Find a tailor (dry cleaners often have them on site, but check their reviews online) and have your dress fitted expertly! This is a very important day, and you must make sure your dress fits you like a glove. Visiting a tailor also means you can consider a dress that perhaps doesn't fit you off the rack. Bear in mind that sometimes a dress can be made slightly bigger as well as smaller."

Keep it Balanced

"If your dress has a lot of embellishment, be sure to keep your jewelry simple and modern. Conversely, if your dress is simple, then you can go crazy jewelry."

Plan It Out

"After you pick your dress, make sure you plan your hair and makeup ahead of time. If possible, take a picture of the style you have in mind to your hairdresser and even do a practice run-through; same with makeup. Be very clear and specific about what you want. If you don't like what they do, don't be afraid to say so!"

Mix It Up

"If you're wearing a bright dress, you probably want subtle lipstick and nails. Also, it's a very modern red carpet look to not have the dress and makeup match."

Have Happy Feet

"Use shoe inserts to make your heels more comfortable. Ideally you want to slip your shoes on at the beginning of the night and not think about them again until someone pays you a compliment. If you find the perfect shoes but they're just a bit too tight, go to the shoe repairman and have him stretch them out half a size—this will take about a day to do."

Try Using Tape

"Use double-sided tape to keep your neckline in place if it moves!"

Take Photos

"Photograph yourself wearing the dress before you buy it! When getting ready for an important red carpet event, I always take many pictures of my client from every angle. Look at the photos before you finally commit. Take and study lots of photos to make sure you'll look picture perfect. Actresses know how to make dresses look amazing because they've seen so many photos of themselves!"