15 Prom Beauty Hacks, Tips and Tricks You Need To Know Now

Getting ready for prom as a girl is complicated. Guys rent a tux, buy a corsage, and deal minimal prep work before the big day. But girls have to find a dress, deal with makeup and hair issues, get the right accessories, prep their skin, and more. There is so much to do that it can be overwhelming , and so it’s really easy to forget about something important.

You’ll also definitely run into some problems before or during prom that you may not know how to fix. That’s where this list comes in. These prom tips and tricks cover everything related to prom beauty, and a little bit more. These tips will help get you through the night stress-free, so you can have a great time without worrying about anything about your appearance – because you’ll look fabulous, of course! Check out these 15 prom beauty hacks, tips and tricks for the best night ever:

1. Follow this basic timeline to make sure you have everything ready.

2. Also keep this basic checklist in mind.

a 3. Learn how to quickly make a zit seem smaller and less noticeable.

4. Make your lipstick last all night long so you don’t have to keep reapplying.

5. Know exactly what to put in your clutch so you’re prepared for anything.

6. If you’re worried about photos, pay attention to these tips.

. 7. And these photography/makeup tips are also helpful: