13 Hacks, Tips and Tricks that’ll Save You from Unnecessary Prom Stress

For some, prom is right around the corner! And for others, it’s a little bit further away. But whether your prom is in two weeks or in two months, the following hacks will seriously make the big night SO much easier.

From must-see checklists to lifesaving beauty guides, the following tips are absolutely MUST-follows for everyone who wants to avoid the common stresses of prom. You can thank us later…

1. Pinning the boutonniere on your date isn’t as tough as you thought:

2. If you’re struggling how to wear your hair on the big night, this guide will be a HUGE help:

3. Follow this detailed prom checklist if you really want to avoid any mistakes:

4. Or this one if you like to be organized in a less intense way:

5. Worried about your strapless bra falling down all night? Not anymore!

6. If you struggle with acne (on your face or body), these home remedies will be LIFESAVERS:

7. Contouring and highlighting your collarbones will give your look a special effect: